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Training For Muscle Growth: 8 Golden Rules Of The Game

Training For Muscle Growth: 8 Golden Rules Of The Game

The Body Building rules and techniques of the "Old Timers" are nothing more than Cut-Edge Research. We collected their regulations and practices into a progressive and evidence-based muscle-building journey. I want to compliment you on deciding to make such a bold step in your muscle hypertrophy journey.

Throughout this guide, you should learn the basic rules and techniques of muscle development that you need to obey, from exercising and resting, and from food recommendations. We're going to tackle every part of muscle building rules!

I'm going to walk you through the details you're going to require to make your body pretty much look as you'd like it to be. Stable, established, dominant, and healthy! The body fit for a superman.

You can recognize the rule that countless well-known bodybuilders and muscle building trainers have used to maximize their muscle size—something these fellows still use up to date to look amazing in their advanced years.

Here are the eight golden rules towards impressive muscle building:

1. Concentrate on Strength

There seem to be two main aspects to this muscle growth rule: Appropriate exercise to promote muscle growth and recovery process for muscle building and development. When we train, our activities cause micro-trauma within our muscles that trigger our bodies to develop new proteins and improve our tissues before the next session.

Our exercises' objective is to attain the highest increase in protein synthesis enhancement without driving you into fatigue with all this insight. It's why we ought to perform the optimal number of sets of each exercise – no more and no less – until the body can transit to recovery. Strength training is what helps the muscle grow.

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Hint worthy to note:

Beyond a particular number of sets, the average gain in protein synthesis no longer outweighs the expense of producing more sets. For example, doing eight sets of biceps exercises yield 95 percent of potential muscle protein synthesis. It doesn't make sense to do the next ten sets, trying to achieve the remaining 5 percent stimulation.

These extra ten sets damage your muscles unduly and hinder your opportunity to repair the tissues.

2. Power and Volume

According to some of the renowned bodybuilders like Frank Zane, one can still build a candid and solid body while training less weight and keeping a low rate of injuries during training sessions. Some can train for quite some time without getting exhausted. When you ask some of these bodybuilders the secret behind this, they will tell you to train with lighter weights and a higher set, with negatives lower than positive and partway with injuries. If you ought to do that, your physique wouldn't be bulky rather with more definitions and with no pain.

Training with lighter weight but maintaining many reps is regarded as more effective towards posing excellent muscle growth results.

According to research, when you train with a higher number of reps (12-15 rep range), you subject your muscle to more significant hypertrophy that wouldn’t be with lower reps. The critical point we are driving home is that you can slowly but sure build strength by increasing the weight you lift and reps over time while eliminating the injury chances.

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Hint worthy to note:

A directed focus is considerably important towards getting the most out of your training, which is much more comfortable with lighter weights. If you can observe the muscle throughout its movement during training, you will realize that the power is just strong and without risk of injuries.

3. Engage in Compound Movements

    Staying injury-free is the most important step towards making long term progress in bodybuilding. If there is anything that can derail your efforts, is an Injury. It can take you several steps backward. 

    Briefly, when you are training, you are required to make sure you engage in movement resulting in the biggest possible gain while keeping safe and injury-free at the same time.

    Coach Alex describes in detail on how you can do compound versus isolation movements for your next gym weight training.

    4. Maintain Proper Nutrition and Sleep Well

      The next big thing as part of building muscle is a proper diet and enough sleep. Maintain a lean bulky meal plan with the right calorie levels to keep the rate of fat gains low. Recovery is equally important, but also the proper recovery is important too.

      It worth noting that during training, your body triggers protein synthesis used for muscle building. After training, you require to provide your body with enough fuel and enough sleep to recover.

      In this rule of muscle building, we shall educate each other on calories, micronutrient, and Meal Timing.

      What amount of calories should you eat?

      Remember, the sole aim of this rule is to facilitate muscle growth and not fat. So this means that for you to eat the required amount of calories that is 250-300 over your daily calories, you will be required to take meals with 2500 -3000 calories, depending on your health, weight, and age.

      You should always note the progress of your muscle growth to prevent excess gain. Also, make sure you gain 3-5 lbs of muscle monthly. In case you gain more than, then watch your feeding habit as this is a symbol of excess fat intake.

      Macronutrients levels you should take:

      Somebody might be wondering what composes macronutrient. It composes of Proteins, Carbohydrates, and fats. These three should be taken while observing the following ratios

      30% of total calories from protein, carbohydrates should be 45% of the total calories, and finally, fats should be the remaining percent, which is 25% of the total calories.

      Hint worth to note:

      Sticking and strictly adhering to the proper diet will surely increase the muscle growth rate and not accumulating fats. Notably, with the right calories and at the right time, it will amount to muscle growth and mean different.

      When you are diving or distributing calories across your meal, ensure you divide them in the following time: take breakfast at around 7-8 AM, lunch at noon, and snack at 3 PM, post-workout after exercise, and dinner at 7 PM.

      Just like I had said, sleep is as vital as diet, and so we should make sure we get enough rest for our body and muscles to repair and grow. One important thing to note as far as resting is concerned; the hormone responsible for the growth and production of cells in their body called human growth hormone is released while asleep. This tells us that without enough sleep, you are restricting muscle growth. 

      Hint worth to note:

      The recommended minimum amount of time you should sleep for your muscle to build and repair is seven hours. But if you can, sleep for nine hours for a full and perfect recovery. Coach Alex has the best advice when it comes to rest day, check his video below and se what he recommends when and how long you should sleep for the best and most effective muscle growth.

      5. Keep Resisting

        Everybody is new to something that they have never done before, and so is someone starting on bodybuilding. When you start, always opt for the weight that you are comfortable lifting for every exercise you do.

        As you get used, keep increasing the value in 2-5 lbs per exercise per week and reps. It is always important to push yourself stronger but take care not to injure your muscle. Apart from adding weight to increase resistance, you can also keep changing the routine, trying a new exercise, and changing the position.

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        6. Keep Your Training Session Short

          Most people believe in the notion that the longer time you take in a training session, the more your muscle grows.

          How do I convince them that it is the other way round? Will you believe that the more time you take in a training session, the more your muscles reduces?

          Yes, I mean it. Look, the training session is only recommended to last for at most 45 minutes. Anything beyond that limit is causing the testosterone levels to decline while increasing the Cortisol levels.

          Where is the mistake? Testosterone builds muscles and burns fat while cortisol damages muscle and stores fat. Consequently, in a situation where you take longer to train, know that you are subjecting your muscles to damage and storing fats.

          Hint worth to note:

          Go for shorter training sessions with more training and work out rather than more extended training with fewer workouts.

          7. Keep Adjusting the Resting Time

          While training, you find yourself having rest in between reps. Have you ever thought of what would happen if you keep adjusting the resting time? For instance, if you have been resting for thirty seconds after every set, you can change and rest for 20 seconds. It will indeed be a struggle since you will haven't rested enough, but it worth the struggle since you will notice the renewed growth out of the change.

          Track Your Sessions and Progress

            Now that you have done all the other and you are wondering what next. Keeping and maintaining your session and development growth is worth it. This is precisely helpful for planning, accountability, and motivation. 

            Besides, it will help you realize where you are and where you are going. Imagine after you have trained and gotten the best shape you wanted, but when someone asks how you did it and can't answer. Isn't it embarrassing? When you keep track and records your progress, you can see where your progress has reached.

            8. Avoid Mistakes

              For most beginners, just like other beginners in other fields, their training sessions are either full of mistakes here and there. They don't do that out of ignorance but rather lack of information.

              We all acknowledge information is power. And such mistakes hinder their success in developing muscle. However, we have highlighted some of the mistakes that beginners can avoid and get tremendous results.

              • Failure to warm up correctly – warming up before training is not an option thing as beginners assume it. It is the most important part of your training session. It is advisable to warm warp properly before you start to train as this helps to transform your body from the current mode to training mode.

                Remember, psychology works mysteriously, which means if you don't warm up well, you won’t set your psychology to training mode, hence inadequate training.
              • Comparing themselves with others – when people are doing something together, it is common to have people compare themselves against their partners. It is sometimes useful in other activities but not when training for bodybuilding.

                Remember, our bodies are different, and so is our muscles. Some people will see results within a short time, unlike others who see the much-anticipated product after a while. This will discourage a beginner who would be comparing themselves with those who gain quickly. So it is always advisable to compare your progress with yourself.
              • Failure to pay attention to diet - however much you exercise, whether you do it daily, day and night, you are preparing yourself for an embarrassing moment without following your diet correctly.

              As a bodybuilder, you require an exceptional and consistent diet if you mean getting positive results. You can always follow our menu chart for a clue of what and when to eat.

              Failure to adhere to your diet is similar to wasting effort and handwork. You can cheat a day here and there but strictly avoid regular eating of junk food.


              Discipline is the mother of all success. This is something undisputable for the people determined to achieve things in line. Like in other fields, you ought to be disciplined to get a positive result. And bodybuilding is not an exception. You have to maintain the discipline of a high level, for that matter. 

              By discipline means following and observing all the outlined guidelines that maximize results while avoiding those that derail results. Among the rules include watching a regular and appropriate diet, getting enough rest, engaging in compound movement, etc. while those you must avoid are failing to warm up properly, comparing yourself with others, and failing to pay close attention to diet. Bodybuilders are expected to show a high level of discipline in their training to see the results.

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              Tom cape

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