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Top 10 Fitness Trends In 2021

Top 10 Fitness Trends In 2021

It is that time of the year again. Everybody is winding up on what is remaining for the year 2020. With the onslaught of the covid-19 pandemic, we can all agree that our lives have been majorly affected.

We have made adjustments at workplaces, homes, and fitness regimes have not survived either. The gym fanatics have been dealt a harder blow with the closure of fitness studios. Those who have managed to lift weights and high intensity interval training, do yoga, or run on the treadmill indoors must have lost weight and even built some muscles in the process.

It is no secret that every year comes with some excitement, and fitness trends in 2021 is no exception despite the pandemic still being felt. People will make New Year resolutions, and fitness goals will not miss from the list.

What are your fitness resolutions?

If you have not figured out what you want to start or change, worry not. There is never a perfect time to start working. You can always begin when you are ready. However, you might be motivated by the list I am about to compile for you on fitness trends for 2021.

They are as follows:

1. The Rise Of Home Gyms

What comes to your mind when you hear the words “home gym”? It wouldn’t be surprising if your first thought were rich people stuff. However, home gyms are affordable and one of the fitness trends in 2021 will witness an increase in the number of homes with a gym. It is quite simple setting up one.

You can corner off a part of the sitting room, install workout equipment, and have yourself a home gym. In case the living room is limited in space, clear the garage and kit it with some of the latest work out technology.

Owning a home gym also saves time to commute to and from the gym. Remember, time is money, and you need it the most during these uncertain times. However, although you can set a home gym, we can agree that you can't install every other weight and machine found in commercial gyms.

You will realize that in the long run, having a home gym is costly compared to enrolling in a fitness center where you are required to pay monthly or yearly subscription payments and get to train using every weight and machine you like. As a result, the regular visits to the gym also help in doing extra exercise, increasing body flexibility while making your workout effective and explosive.

2. Genome Mapping

Genome Mapping

Did you know that you can customize your workout regimen according to your biological make by doing what is called DNA testing? Well, now that you know that this is possible, find out how your genetic make responds to training in terms of performance and results you are likely to attain in the process.

For people struggling to lose weight, genome mapping can explain what hormones hinder the individual from burning fat. It is easier for one to know what to incorporate into their diet or work out to attain desirable results with such a discovery.

3. An Improvement In The Standards Of Hygiene In Gyms

An Improvement In The Standards Of Hygiene In Gyms

The pain of being in lockdown for most of this year has been felt deeply by gym-goers. With the industry shutdown several times this year, 2021 fitness trends will see many people enrolling in gyms to shed off those extra pounds gained over the festive season. We cannot dismiss the significant concern about the safety of gym members against the Covid-19.

Therefore, we are likely to see a notch turned higher when it comes to enforcing hygiene measures in the fitness studios. Nobody would be pleased to shed extra pounds and, in turn, contract the virus in the process.

Sanitization and thorough screening will be part of the procedures to adhere to before being granted access to fitness facilities. Social distancing is a practice that will stay with us for quite a period, and as hard as it sounds, gym members and trainers will have to adhere to this measure to curb the spread of the virus.

The steps may seem very strict, but this will be the only way to win people’s confidence. Fitness in the studios will take a very different direction, and we have to be ready to embrace this change if we still want to lose weight and build muscles in 2021.

4. Specialized Fitness Studios And Wearable Technology

Specialized Fitness Studios And Wearable Technology

Gyms that target a particular group are likely to be on the rise in the next year. The corona risk group (the senior citizens) is mostly more focused on ensuring that they remain healthy and boost their immune systems through regular workouts. Therefore a tailored training package by health and wellness coaching will prove a financially attractive move for the fitness center in 2021.

Another fitness trend to watch in 2021 is the wearable technology. Should you want to make your workout style more personalized, it is advisable to invest in a smartwatch or a fitness tracker.

Since the year 2016, an example of a wearable tech ranking top three every year is the smart and fitness technologies tracker and heart monitors. An advantage of using these wearable technology gadgets is that they help you track your goals and motivate you always to want to go beyond your target.

The data is straightforward to interpret, allowing you to know what works best and what doesn’t work for you and avoid it in the next health and fitness sessions. The emergence of VR and Artificial Intelligence solutions keep taking health and fitness technology to a whole new and high level.

5. Online Work Out Applications

Top Online Work Out Apps

With the imposition of lockdown measures in most countries worldwide, people have gotten in shape indoors. The lucky ones who happen to live near parks enjoy the privilege of taking long walks and going for runs to keep fit. With most people staying home, fitness apps have gained popularity like never before.

I am sure you downloaded one or two. If you did not, I could bet you got tempted at some point. Works out apps are becoming hot cakes as time goes by. These app compiles training offers for their users using Artificial Intelligence and feels like you under' real and physical health and wellness coaching.

The app also presents the user with work out planning, monitoring, and motivation. The cost of using this app is pocket-friendly; hence many users and potential customers are likely to be reached.

6. Mind And Body Training

Mind and Body Training

Did you know that many people tend to choose exercising as their stress management solution? Mental and body connection achieved through yoga is gaining moderate popularity due to the need to fight job-related anxiety, home affair issues, and financial instability stress while increasing health and wellness during the pandemic. Mental care is vital not only for an individual but also for the economy of a nation.

However, companies are striving to harness the two techniques to alleviate the condition by investing in yoga instructors to guide employees in relaxing their minds to promote focus and productivity at work. As time goes by, we see notable changes when it comes to fitness. More emphasis has started to be put on things to do before and after exercises.

Research advises that we give the body as much rest time as possible as it significantly impacts training. We will have to make significant adjustments in the future, especially concerning sleeping habits and nutrition. The more we become mindful of our bodies, the more we will discover body and mind are dependent on each other for our regular and best functioning.

7. Health-Focused Fitness Regimes And Nutrition

The onslaught of the pandemic has made many people question their previous and current lifestyle practices. According to the industry experts things are changing, and health is the main focus when picking a fitness regime now and in the future.

The incorporation of organic diets with works out is gaining popularity among both the young and old to boost the immune system. Due to the benefits of this health-focused fitness, this trend is here to stay even beyond 2021.

As the world strives to achieve sustainability in all sectors, we cannot leave the fitness industry out of this quest.  It will benefit you to know that according to research, by 2040, just 40% of the world's population will stick to consuming meat. What does this tell us? It means that globally, people are shifting to plant-based food.

I can almost predict a motto in the future, stating, "go vegan or go home." With the trend showing tendencies of being here to stay, we are likely to see improvement in the human body's health and performance. Plant-based nutrition is healthy for the body and an essential aid for shedding weight and keeping fat at bay.

8. Remote Coaching

With the restrictions imposed to discourage close physical interactions, industry experts and the whole fitness industry are making a kill by marketing themselves online and offering their valuable services through remote coaching.

Using Zoom or Skype, an instructor can guide his or her client one on one and correct them when they aren’t following the correct routine. This trend is rising because the client gains the same benefits they would have gained while in the commercial gym house although they might every weight and machines found commercial gyms.

In this case, they enjoy the benefit in the comfort of their living room. Therefore, remote health and fitness coaching helps the client kill two birds with one stone, avoiding infection with the deadly virus and attaining ideal weight and fitness.

9. Merging Of Sports And Fitness

The closure of gyms has highly fuelled this trend. A large number of gym-goers have shifted towards out-door sports. In the quest to shed extra pounds, many are getting out of their comfort zone by combining high intensity interval training with a sport of choice to achieve results faster and have fun in the process.

Neighborhood football teams are on the rise, fostering unity while still providing members with people to be accountable for their weight loss journey.

10. Virtual Workout Competitions And Functional Training

Virtual Workout Competitions - 90 Day Challenge Body Transformation Awtsu Fitness

Every year the Awtsu Fitness Group called Aesthetics Fitness Pilipinas organizes a workout body transformation challenge that goes for 90 days and a winner is picked with the best results. This started a few years back and now has started to trend in the bodybuilding community.

The winners will received a whole range of Awtsu Fitness Clothing as a prize, so if you are up for this challenge be sure to enter the group for more details.

Also in other types of competitions you might have heard about the peloton bike? If the name sounds alien to you, don’t stress your mind. The term describes a spinning bike. This equipment has sparked great competition in the fitness industry, and it is here to stay.

How do you shed weight in 2021 while you still stay connected to the world? What you do is sign up for an online spinning completion, hop on your Peloton bike and spin your way to victory.

If you put in utmost determination and hard work, you will defeat other cyclists online, shed weight from the intense cardio, and get a toned body. This fitness trend has not been around for long but will gain momentum this coming 2021 if working from home will still be the norm.

Functional training type focuses on building strength in the body’s muscles that carry out most daily tasks. This workout aims to enable the body to carry on with normal functioning for as long as you live. This training is specially tailored by fitness professionals for adults to improve and maintain a long-term fitness plan that is injury-free.

Compared to old fitness routines that focus on weight and the number of sets done per work out, functional training offers a faster way to burn calories and build strength at the same time. This fitness trend is not fading any time soon as we all want to grow stronger and live longer.

Wrapping Up The Top 10 Fitness Trends For 2021

Change is inevitable. With daily technological advancements in the fitness industry, we will only be doing our bodies and minds justice by being flexible and accommodating to these changes.

We will boost our bodies immune system in the fight against covid-19 in 2021 fitness trend predictions and prepare our bodies to fight other life-threatening diseases by having high intensity interval training. With age comes depreciation of vitality.

However, with the new trends and predictions of 2021, there is hope that we will grow strong as we age by adhering to the proven and tested researches in the fitness industry.

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